how to properly enjoy a warm summer day

1. Slice up a watermelon, make ice tea

2. Take a blanket out in the sun

3. Lie down on the blanket, preferably wearing a floral summer dress and cute shades

4.Share the watermelon with your best friend

5. Enjoy together

6. Repeat


haha aww, s ste bilder! gud, s herlig <3

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 14:50 | blogg:
Oda Glrum

aw, s st!

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 14:52 | blogg:

herregud som jeg vil ha en hund som din. det finnes ikke stere.

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 14:52 | blogg:
Hanne - Legg meg til som venn!

Skjnne bilder! :D

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 14:52 | blogg:

, s st!

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 14:54 | blogg:

S st hund!

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 14:59 | blogg:
Frida T N

h, s herliig!:-D

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 15:01 | blogg:
Benedicte Isabell Haugaard

h <3 snn gjr min lille og :D

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 15:06 | blogg:
Gina H.A

Nydelige bilder!<3 Utrolig st og skjnn hund du har:)

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 15:16 | blogg:

JEG VIL HA SOMMER!!! Fr hpe jeg finner litt sol i Skottland (liksom, hehaheh) S fiiiiiin vofs!

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 15:20 | blogg:
Matilde Bang

aw, s stt!

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 15:20 | blogg:

Hahaha, s utrolig herlige bilder! :D

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 15:27 | blogg:

Nomen s st hund!:)

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 15:29 | blogg:

h, utroolig herlige bilder!!

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 15:42 | blogg:

Sommerstemning :)

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 15:51 | blogg:

Awwwww s st hund hahah :D

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 15:55 | blogg:

S utrolig ste bilder!

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 16:10 | blogg:
Hannah Larsson

Cutest ever. And he definitely enjoys watermelon, haha!!! Loving the last pic, you should definitely frame that one, in my opinion!

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 16:15 | blogg:
Malin Nrum Aadalen

aw s st!

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 16:23 | blogg:

fine bilder :-)

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 16:24 | blogg:

Kjempe fine Bilder! :)

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 16:27 | blogg:
Charlotte Helgesen


dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 16:43 | blogg:

herlig herlig herlig.

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 17:03 | blogg:

herrremin, nydelig, herlig, fantastisk! ♥

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 17:34 | blogg:

S nydelig hund du har! :-)

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 17:41 | blogg:
Cathrine Nesset - fotografi

Neimen s stt :D Jeg ga hunden min en liten vannmelon bit for noen dager siden. Jeg trte ikke gi mer, tilfelle de ikke skal ha det, snn som druer f.eks. Men de tler det kanskje? :)

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 18:15 | blogg:

Guud, s herlig s ste bilder av hunden! :)

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 18:17 | blogg: http://www,

Noe s herlig!

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 18:27 | blogg:
♥ Mathilde - foto, hverdag, alt

s st :-)


dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 18:55 | blogg:


dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 18:58 | blogg:
Cathrine Nesset - fotografi

SV: Okei, da kan jeg nok bare fortsette med det da :) Hehe.. Min er ogs veldig glad i rd paprika!

Boka er helt grei. Det var vel bare 4 ganger jeg fikk en "oi" opplevelse. Tenkte jeg skulle legge ut det beste p bloggen :)

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 19:15 | blogg:

Haha, , eg elskar hundar. Lovelovelove. Spesielt nr dei et vannmelon, vr forrige hund simpelthen elska det! Nr valpen vr blir gamal nok til kunne ete litt anna enn berre fr, skal me dele ein vannmelon i sola <3

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 19:15 | blogg:

Ble skikkelig glad av disse bildene! :D s st!

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 19:16 | blogg:

S ste bilder :D

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 19:22 | blogg:

herliig! :D

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 19:23 | blogg:

s skjnn :D

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 19:27 | blogg:
Hannah Larsson


I asked my mom just now, and it was Fenemal that dog I was talking about used, but I got it all wrong. That dog had such a strong seizures that he had to take that medicin so many times daily that he could die from it effecting his lever, of die from the seizures... So they decided to put him out of his misery, so he didn't die from the medicine as i thought, there was really nothing they could do because both would eventually kill him. So sorry if I gave you a scare, but i just got scared myself when i read that he had started on medications when i thought that dog had died from it. sorry about my lack of knowlage, kinda.

The medications definitely seems like a positive thing in your case, i'm so sad he has the worst thing on the scale.... give him a big hug from me! He seems like such a lovely dog.

Oh, midwife was such a dream for me for a while when I was obsessed with babies and all that (HAHA, i bet my mom was concerned I might go and get pregnant from all the talking, hah), and I read alot about it and the natural way of childbirth and all that, and it seems sooo great. Good luck with that, and I really hope you someday will do it. You actually seem so perfect for it.

AND I UTDWJYMUAS. Ok., where I blog recently made a completely new layout for the page you use to blog, and some stuff is just completely messed up.... When I read the comments on they have.... avsnitt (HAHA failing in english here too)... But they completely dissappers on my blog. SOOO ANNOYING. looks so weird and mashed togehter. so ugly. I mean WHYY? sewlsdfk. But thankfully I read them with the avsnitt on's page, otherwise it would be so annoying. I mean comeon, why'd you do that for? Some thing are just so weird. And you can't even do avsnitt when you blog, i have to go into the html and add that. I MEAN WHY? (ok, hehe, sorry for this. a but annoyed at this, i mean... ;)

hug! {and i wish i was your friend irl, you seem sooo lovely. can i like... move to norway. then we could hike and all that fun together, haha}

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 19:29 | blogg:

hhh s nydelig hund! Og for noen herlige bilder:D:D Jeg sitter og smiler for meg selv n alts, kan ikke annet bli glad av se en st voffis kose seg med melon:D Hihi^^

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 19:37 | blogg:

Hunden din er s fin ! S koselige bilder :D

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 19:45 | blogg:
♡ Rita W

Nydelige bilder! :D

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 19:46 | blogg:

S herlige bilder :) ste hund som spiser vannmelon <3

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 19:50 | blogg:

sv; haha, jag smrjade in mig nr jag vl kom ut till havet. Brnner mig alltid annars, s jag tog det skra fre det oskra. Hoppas att du inte brnde dig allt fr mycket :)

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 19:54 | blogg:
Mari Heiberg

sjukt fine bilder!

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 19:57 | blogg:
siri pettersen

s fine bilder :)

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 20:32 | blogg:
Jeanett - Kommenterer alltid tilbake

fine bilder :)

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 20:38 | blogg:
ragnhild taklo

Nydlig hund! Hvilken rase er det? :-)

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 20:38 | blogg:
♥ Maja

ragnhild taklo: hihi, jaaa, han er helt nydelig <3 engelsk springer spaniel

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 20:49 | blogg:
Hannah Larsson

/Yeah... so sad. I remember seeing her afterwards on the club, and she was crushed... And it was in the middle of the agilitycourse too. uh. But he was an extreme case, and even though Rocky is classifyed as the extreme, I believe there are different stages there too. Because I think this dog had the seizures like many times a day... and had to take a lot of the medicine per day for it to have an effect, but it would damage his body so bad... just, uh. so sad.

I'm really happy it's working for your dog. How old is he by the way?

WE NEED TO BE BEST FRIENDS LIKE ASAP. like seriously. wow. Thats the exact same thing I wanna do, but everyone around me is like "oh well, we can check some hotels.... maybe, i'll never sleep in a tent" and it's always to expensive with hotel so it never works out. Saaad. But we need to be besties asap. I mean, africa, hiking, backpacking, NORWAY, midwife, photography, woods, ehm. I love that, but I almost never do them because we live like miles from everything beautiful like that and nobody ever wanna go with me.

Oh, i see! Do you live on your own then? And were in norway to you live, if i may ask? ;)

AND I KNOW RIGHT?! I have no idea how they could have missed that, because if it was on purose they are seriously stupid. And it's a few more things just like that and I get so annoyed and irritated because it just doesn't work, I have to like sit for 5 minutes to get a simple 2 sec thing to work. AH, i mean... what the. haha!

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 20:58 | blogg:

Nh...oi som han koser seg! :)

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 21:10 | blogg:
Sofie - kommenterer tilbake

S utrolig st hund! er det engelsk springer spaniel ? eller hvordan det skrives

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 21:36 | blogg:

, s st hund!

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 21:40 | blogg:

St hund, flotte bilder :)

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 22:19 | blogg:
Lillesmurf - Kari

S st <3 Herlige bilder <3

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 22:25 | blogg:
♥ Maja

Sofie: hihi, jaaaa, det er det! han er helt nydelig! og han har verdens morsomste og herligste personlighet, s rar og snill <3 det er de visst alle :)

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 22:32 | blogg:
Lillesmurf - Kari

SV: Snmannen er kjempe bra :) Jeg er helt frelst nr det kommer til krim. Fr ikke nok :P

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 22:41 | blogg:

S fine bilder da :-)

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 23:11 | blogg:

sv: Haha, ja superfina bildet btw :D

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 23:31 | blogg:
Kristin Storhaug

Nt, det er noe av det herligste jeg noengang har sett, lovelovelove !!

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 23:48 | blogg:

For noen ste bilder, du er skikkelig flink! Kjempest hund var det ogs, hvilken rase er det? :D

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 23:51 | blogg:

Sykt herlige bilder! Ser ut som at hun/han smiler :)

dato: 21.06.2012 | tid: 23:57 | blogg:
cathrine - Mote og foto

stt :)

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 01:26 | blogg:
Silje Marie

S nydelige bilder! Som alltid!

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 02:28 | blogg:
iTonjemusic - Musikkblogg

S herlig hund :)

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 02:31 | blogg:
Jannicke Tobiassen


dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 04:16 | blogg:
Monica Kristoffersen

HAHA! Hadde aldri trodd at en hund ville spist vannmelon :p

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 07:08 | blogg:

ste hunden :D

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 08:08 | blogg:
Jeanett Ranvik

S herlig! :)

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 08:28 | blogg:

aaaaw! s st hund !! :)

fine bilder :)

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 09:52 | blogg: - Kommenterer tilbake! ♡

Nwaa! ;* s st!

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 11:48 | blogg:

h! s st!!!

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 11:50 | blogg:
Hanna Hkansson [ Only Photo's ]

st! :)

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 12:12 | blogg:

st hund!

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 12:17 | blogg:
Martine C. Karlson

fine bilder !

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 12:30 | blogg:
Hannah Larsson

/Yes!!! I'm sure we actually would be like bestfriends if I knew you in real life. We seem so similar and to love the same things!!

And yeah, i do have facebook. But I have deleted all my photos (because of reasons, haha) and i'm never on there anymore. Wanna delete it, but if I do i wont be able to contact some people so I don't, but... HAHA, I really really hate facebook, or more like the people on there... But sure, you can add me... won't be very fun though. HAHA. ;)

And no, I don't live in stockholm actually, I live in Sdertlje, like 15 minutes from stockholm. And I really hate it here. The swedish culture is almost not here anymore, it's like almost only immigrants here, not that i'm a rasist (probably like fartest from it) but you hardly don't even hear the real swedish accent anymore, and it's so sad seeing young swedish kids who can't even speak clear swedish because of the people they play with are immigrants who can't talk correctly. And the teachers... some can't even speak themselfs. AH, and... yeah, i could go on forever. But i really hate it here. And everyone is like so ignorant and cold and just. Let me move, like now... HAHA, this was very happy.

And yeah, norway isn't so cheap...... sad. My dad and i planned to go there the first week in july, but that plan crashed as soon as he looked up the hotels. Would like cost 9000sek for 2 days.... like wat. BUT HEY! WE CAN LIVE AT YOUR PLACE... wink wink... Haha, no but well, someday i'm going to go there, and live on the street if that's what it take. ;)

Is there some nice hikingplaces where you live? Or is it that its too far that you'd never done it? Just curious. Because when we looked up places i believe it was all on the other side, but I really dont know, haha! Not that educated, as you might think from my love for that contry, oh well. Just to lazy, hehe.

Hope you have a great midsummeeer. (is it even in norway today too? or what? eh, i really have no clue. embarrassing indeed, but i just thought of that and was all like i have no idea. HAHAHA, oh well. Have a great day if not.)

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 13:01 | blogg:

ste bilder!

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 13:08 | blogg:


dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 13:34 | blogg:

herlig hund!

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 14:09 | blogg:
Linn Kleppa

Skikkelig herlige bilder! :)

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 15:06 | blogg:
Charlotte Helgesen


dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 15:19 | blogg:
k e l l i s <3

s utrolig stt :D

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 15:25 | blogg:

Oh!! S st! <3

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 16:24 | blogg:
Cecilie Brochs

, s ste bilder! <3

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 16:34 | blogg:
AKP Photography

Aww s herlige bilder :D Haha har aldri sitt ein honn s lige vannmelon :D

h du e heldige s har sol.. Her regne d.. D har d jort kver sankthans s leeenge eg kan huska -.-

Sv; Ja ska f lagt ud de analoge bildene s bler bra p bloggen :P Men m fusst f brukt opp de 23 bildene s gjenstr for s f framkalt de p papir :D

dato: 22.06.2012 | tid: 23:29 | blogg:

Haha vad st :))

dato: 23.06.2012 | tid: 17:19 | blogg:

Fantastisk!! Jeg dde litt inni meg, alts. :D

dato: 26.06.2012 | tid: 00:32 | blogg:

For noen heeerlige bilder <3

dato: 01.07.2012 | tid: 01:46 | blogg:

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