yet another flowery post

Matilde Bang

nydelige bilder!

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 17:33 | blogg:

s vakre bilder! elsker den rolige fargen i bildene dine : D

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 17:33 | blogg:
sjokoladekakemedglasur - Fotografier

Fantastiske bilder, Maja! :)

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 17:36 | blogg:
♥ Mathilde - foto, hverdag, alt

fine! :-)

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 17:37 | blogg:
Hanne - Legg meg til som venn!

Nydelige bilder!

- Hvilken linse brukte du?

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 17:44 | blogg:

Otroligt vacker bild!! :O :D

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 17:45 | blogg:
♥ Maja

Hanne: takk og takk! hihi. 50mm f/1.4 :-)

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 17:50 | blogg:

Serist, headeren din er s fin n

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 17:53 | blogg:
oneblogoneworld by Ida-Lovise

Sykt fine bilder :D

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 18:03 | blogg:
Hannah Larsson

...Yet more beautiful pictures!

And thank you so so so so sooo much for all your spam-comments. ;) My blog is literally dead so when I opened it and saw like 10 new comments i got so happy. I'm going to answer them soon, <procrastination ftw here.

But soooo lovely comments. And I've loved the last post from you sooo much. I'm just to lazy to comment, because I always want to make long comments to you so I always say "but i'll do it later" and then I forget... hehehe. I suck.

BUT THANK YOOOU LOVELY PERSON! <3 and you'll probably get spam yourself in a bit, just wait until I answer your comments, and for those comments on your latest post... ;)

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 18:04 | blogg:

har ikke ord p hvor nydelige bilder du tar! de er bare s fine, og du er drit flink! <3

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 18:21 | blogg:

Nydelige bilder! Du er flink :D

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 18:26 | blogg:

Knall fine bilder :)

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 18:29 | blogg:

Utrolig nydelige:)

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 18:40 | blogg:

nydelige Bilder!!

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 18:48 | blogg:
Jeanett Ranvik

Utrolig fine bilder :))

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 18:58 | blogg:


dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 19:12 | blogg:

Utrolig, nydelige bilder!

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 19:27 | blogg:

Kjempe fine!:)

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 19:50 | blogg:
Silje Louise

S utrolig fine og sommerlige bilder!

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 19:59 | blogg:
Hedda ♥


dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 20:09 | blogg:
Ida F. Holm

For en nydelig blogg!

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 20:13 | blogg:
♥ Maja

Ida F. Holm: h, s koselig hre!!

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 20:17 | blogg:

utrolig flotte bilder! :-D

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 20:35 | blogg:

, s vakkert!!!

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 20:36 | blogg:

fantastiskeee bildeer!!!

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 20:40 | blogg:
Line Cecilie Larsen

, s fine :)

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 20:53 | blogg:
Cecilie Brochs

Wow, utrolig fine bilder! <3

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 20:53 | blogg:
Malin Solvoll Hansen

s flink du er med desing og slikt! Hvis du nsker gjre noe for meg s er det bare kontakte meg p mailen min! Hadde blitt kjempeglad:)

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 20:54 | blogg:
iTonjemusic - Musikkblogg

Drmmer meg bort i de fleste bildene du tar :)

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 21:02 | blogg:

Kan ikke f sagt hvor flink du er! Igjen; nydelige bilder (:

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 21:11 | blogg:

Nydelig, som alltid!

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 21:35 | blogg:

Herlige bilder!

Ha en fin kveld:)

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 21:47 | blogg:


dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 21:48 | blogg:
Kine og Malin - kommenterer tilbake.

Du er s flink :)

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 21:58 | blogg:
Celina Simonsen

me like!

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 22:18 | blogg:
Susanne E. AYAY

wow, nydelige bilder!

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 22:29 | blogg:

Men blomster er jo s fint s det gjr slettes ingenting :)

dato: 14.06.2012 | tid: 22:29 | blogg:

herregud s fine bilder! Du er sykt flink<3

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 00:23 | blogg:
ragnhild taklo

Maja! Du er s flink!! :-))

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 00:29 | blogg:
Jeanett- Kommenterer alltid tilbake

elsker bildene dine!

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 07:27 | blogg:

aaah, jeg ELSKER bildene dine :D <3

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 10:16 | blogg:

S nydelige bilder! :)

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 10:45 | blogg:

elsker bildene dine, de er helt nydelige!!

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 11:15 | blogg:
Monica Kristoffersen

Og jeg elsker de fremdeles :D

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 12:29 | blogg:
helene simensen

nydelige bilder<3

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 12:37 | blogg:
lantina <3

fine bilder :)

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 14:58 | blogg:

Fantastisk bra stemning i bilda dine, ! :D

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 15:11 | blogg:

Utroig nydelige bilder!

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 16:00 | blogg:
Sofia [fotoblogg]

Hrliga bilder! (:

Svar: h tack s jttemycket! (:

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 16:10 | blogg:
cathrine - kommenterer tilbake

Fine bilder :)

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 16:28 | blogg:

Kjempe pene bilder!!

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 16:33 | blogg:
> Anhthu Tran

Herregud, s nydelige bilder!

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 16:34 | blogg:

Nydelige bilder!

God helg. Ha en fin fredag! =)

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 16:39 | blogg:

S himla nydelig!!! Jeg kan ikke tro disse er tatt i Norge?? De ser s eksotiske ut, selv om de kanskje KAN finnes i Norge??

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 16:59 | blogg:

Sykt nydelige bilder!

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 17:16 | blogg:

Sykt fine bider! :-) <3

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 18:53 | blogg:
Malin Nrum Aadalen

du tar s utrolig fine bilder!

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 18:57 | blogg:

Nydelige bilder:)

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 19:17 | blogg:
Martine C. Karlson

fine bilder !

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 20:16 | blogg:
Lillesmurf - Kari

Nydelige bilder <3

SV. Jeg har ikke lest noen av de. Tusen takk for bokanbefalinger, Maja <3

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 21:25 | blogg:
Anniken yen

kjempe fine :D

superblogg du har :)

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 21:40 | blogg:
Hannah Larsson

/Thank you sooo much for all your comments, again.

I have an idea, when I come to Norway we can go on a roadtrip togetheeer and hike and all that wonderful stuff. ;) No, but honestly, Norway is a way bigger dream than you probably know. I also have a crazy love for whales, and orcas <whole other story right there but yeah, and every november the orcas come to Tysfjord and i'd be dying to go for years and years.... literally could go on forever but it would probably not be so fun to read. but i'm pretty much obsessed with them and my biggest dream is to one day go and dive with them there.... someday!!! Norway is like the perfect contry, except the winter. hehehe, i have such hate towards winter. mostly because the cold, literally can't stand it, it's quite bad. BUT NORWAY, someday!!!!!!!!

Well, about the photographs. I'd really love to see those kinds of pictures, more personal ones. Really! would! But i'm glad you do have those, even if you don't post them... because I don't.

And if you learn to edit you're in a whole different world of photography. I really suggest you try experimenting with light/color and that stuff, makes such a difference and can make a boring iphonepicture get really interesting.

And i really look forward to seeing the pictures from your traveling.

HAHAHA, and well.... both me and my friends are like "ehm. swedish please die i hate you" because we all think it's such a ugly language... can't believe you think it's pretty. But i didn't think of that people outside of sweden grew up with astrid lindgren, wow. did they actually? because she was very big. And aaah, i have to see ronja rvardotter again, loved that as a child.

I'm jealous of you, really. When you discribed yourself, lucky girl. And just a sidenote, we can go backpacking together.. Big big dream here too.

theroadishome. Don't even get me started on that.. Wow. Followed that blog for years and years. Favorite blog in the intire world. The way she sees the world, the way she writes, her life, her photographs. Just so. Nirrimi is perfect. And I wish I would be, think and act exactly like her. I wish i was her, and at the same time I wish a was her daughter Alba. That is one lucky girl, and with two artistc people, I can't wait to see what she is going to do in this world. I loved you mentioning her, favorite person ever. So jealous of her.

And congratlations on your 5year relationship. Thats really something now, when all you pretty much see is relationships lasting a few weeks. OK, i'm all over the place. And ehm, long comment. HAHA, i said i'd spam you back. hehe.

HUG! or kram as we say in our beaaautiful language *sarcarm*. ;)

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 23:54 | blogg:
Hannah Larsson

And one last thing I forgot to say. What you said about my blog made me so so so happy, you don't even know. Because I know that feeling from when I see other blogs, and I never thought someone would get it from seeing mine. Feels like the best accomplicment ever. So thank yooou!!! <3

dato: 15.06.2012 | tid: 23:58 | blogg:


dato: 16.06.2012 | tid: 11:39 | blogg:

fine :D

dato: 16.06.2012 | tid: 12:47 | blogg:

fine :D

dato: 17.06.2012 | tid: 12:59 | blogg:


dato: 20.06.2012 | tid: 00:16 | blogg:

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